Save Those Coins 💰

Hey y’all, welcome back to my blog. I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting as often; with school just a week away, I’ve been running last-minute errands, making sure I have everything I need, and then some for school. With all that being said, for today’s post, I’ll be mentioning stores that offer student discounts as well as stores that won’t break your pockets. These are stores that I’ve personally used and highly recommend.

  1. Shein

This site is cheap! When I say cheap, I mean super cheap! If you’re like me and don’t like to spend an arm and a leg on basic tees & graphic tees then this site is PERFECT for you! Their selection is so huge you’ll be on there all day picking out tees. They sell other items such as jeans, shoes, and jewelry, but since they are a company based in China I stick to purchasing items that can’t really get messed up in the shipping process when it comes to sizing and actual appearance.

*Syd Tip: Purchase items that have reviews from actual customers who have bought the product that way you know what you’re actually going to receive in the mail.

2. Forever21

Of course, everyone knows that F21 is great for cute, inexpensive clothes. They frequently have sales and majority of their items are reasonably priced. To save those coins even further, they are offering 10% off your purchase if you have your student ID now until August 31.

3. Topshop

Next up is Topshop, this UK-based store is on the pricier side. Luckily, they offer a 10% off student discount all year round to help save some coins. Their clothes are great quality and definitely worth the investment.


Another UK-based store, ASOS is also on the pricier side, but like Topshop, they offer a 10% off student discount year round. ASOS’s doesn’t have a storefront here in Houston so to qualify for a discount sign up with your student email (basic email every university gives students) to be eligible for the discount.

5. Steve Madden

To all my shoe lovers Steve Madden offers a 10% off student discount❤️. Show your student ID to receive your discount. Unfortunately, this deal is offered in-stores only, so hit up your nearest Steve Madden to save a few bucks.

Other Stores That Offer Some Type Of Student Discount/ Deal

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Apple Music
  • Banana Republic
  • Charlotte Russe
  • J. Crew
  • Madewell
  • PacSun
  • Spotify
  • Urban Outfitters

Y’all, I’d be typing all day if I mentioned all the stores that offer student discounts. Before shopping at a new store, check online to see if they offer some type of discount or ask a store employee. Don’t be afraid to save money y’all.

*Syd Tip: Check out restaurants for student deals, often times they’ll offer free drinks or appetizers with a valid student ID.

That’s all for today, let me know what you thought about today’s post and if you know of any other places that offer student discounts. – Syd 💖


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