Just Brunchin’ Around


Summer weekends are designated for fashion, family, and food, which is exactly what last weekend consisted of. The family and I enjoyed brunch at Brady’s Landing and it was phenomenal πŸ˜‹. The staff was friendly, the atmosphere was great, and the food was even better. Their brunch is buffet style so you can literally sit there and eat all day, and that’s exactly what I did lol.


I had plates on top of plates filled with food, and by the end of brunch I was stuffed to capacity with a food baby lol. Their food options were abundant and wide ranged so I had try a little bit of everything. They had a crepΓ© station, an omelette station, a shrimp & crab boil station, a chocolate fountain, and so much more! Y’all I was in food heaven πŸ˜‡!

Now for the look, I paired a striped shirt with bright orange shorts, a black bag, and a comfy pair of black sandals. This outfit is simple, cute, and comfy; perfect for a nice day out with family or friends.

That’s all for today, thanks so much for tuning in to another one of my post! Feel free to leave a comment about today’s post! – Syd πŸ’–

  • Striped Shirt: Zara
  • Bright Orange Shorts: H&M
  • Black Bag: Kate Spade
  • Black Sandals: Tory Burch

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