A 90’s Vibe

Welcome back to my blog. I can’t thank y’all enough for the support and positive feedback I’ve been getting about this blog. Knowing that people are actually viewing and enjoying the content I put out makes me 10x more committed to blogging 💖.

I went for a more casual feel with this look since I was just out and about in the city. I paired a simple crop top with high waisted shorts and checkered vans. I decided to finish off the look with transparent glasses and a satin headscarf to add a little flare to the look. The headscarf really tied everything together and was the perfect contrast to this bold pink background. This outfit is simple, yet stylish, I get 90’s vibes from this look with all the bold, bright colors and the kinda tomboyish feel this look conveys.

*side note – The headscarf is just a piece of fabric I got from the fabric store (on sale btw) that I just tied back.

If you’re ever in the Houston area you should drive downtown to the graffiti walls and take some pics. There are TONSSS of different backgrounds to choose from and all the art is done by local Houston artist.

Thanks for tuning in to another one of my posts, & feel free to leave comments on what you think about today’s look! – Syd 💖

  • White Crop Top: Topshop
  • High Wasted Shorts: Thrifted
  • Checkered Vans: Vans

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